Sembawang Hot Spring Park reopened


Sembawang Hot Spring Park reopened


Singapore only natural hot spring park has reopened to the public on 4th January 2020. The 1.1-hectare Hot Spring Park has cascading pool that allow public to enjoy foot bath. The water flows down four-tier pool that cools naturally. The starting temperature at 70°C and about 40°C when reaching to the bottom tier.

The taps are well installed at various heights that allow different collection of water by the sizes of buckets or containers. Visitors now can even cook eggs for themselves. Visitors can walk along the beautiful walkway that is well decorated with fruit and floral. Commonly, you can also find rambutan, ginger and many other flowers.

The hot spring discovery was traced back to early 1900s that was own by a Chinese merchant, Seah Eng Keong.

The place was once a thermal bathhouse for Japanese soldiers during the Japanese occupation of Singapore in World War II. It was later during 1960s, it was developed into a tourist spa resort that includes restaurant, miniature golf course and nature reserve.

Residents living in Parc Canberra EC can now visit this amazing place to enjoy an amazing foot bath for relaxation.



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